JURSE 2015

Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event
30 March - 1 April 2015, Lausanne, Switzerland

Conference program

Monday, 30 March 2015

08:30 - 09:00

Welcome to JURSE 2015

  • M. Andersen, dean of the ENAC Faculty, EPFL
  • P. Gamba, Uni. Pavia, C. Juergens, Uni. Bochum
09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:30

Coffee break

10:30 - 10:50

Sponsor presentation: Trimble (Room A)

10:50 - 12:30

Room A, Session 1
Urban Feature Extraction

Room B, Session 1
Urban environmental monitoring

12:30 - 13:40

Lunch break

13:40 - 15:20

Room A, Session 2
Student paper competition 1

Room B, Session 2
Interferometric SAR

15:20 - 15:50

Coffee break

15:50 - 16:20

Sponsor presentation: Leica (Room A)

16:20 - 18:00

Room A, Session 3
Student paper competition 2

Room B, Session 3
Applications of urban remote sensing

18:00 - 20:00

Welcome reception, Poster hall

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

10:00 - 11:00

Coffee break
Poster session 1 (including posters of papers presented in Sessions 1-2-3)

11:00 - 12:40

Room A, Session 4
3D and building reconstruction

Room B, Session 4
Global urban observation and information (SB-04)

12:40 - 14:00

Lunch break

14:00 - 15:00

Pix4D live demo: how to map, from the mobile phone to output results

15:00 - 16:00

Coffee break
Poster session 1 (including posters of papers presented in Sessions 1-2-3)

16:00 - 17:40

Room A, Session 5
Structured prediction in urban remote sensing

Room B, Session 5
Urban mapping and monitoring

20:00 - 23:30

Gala dinner cruise on Lake Geneva

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

09:00 - 10:00

Andrew J. Tatem, University of South Hampton
«Urban remote sensing in spatial epidemiology»

10:00 - 11:00

Coffee break
Poster session 2 (including posters of papers presented in Sessions 4-5-6-7)

11:00 - 12:40

Room A, Session 6
Monitoring and modelling of urban heat islands

Room B, Session 6
SAR, InSAR and DInSAR applications

12:40 - 14:00

Lunch break

14:00 - 15:20

Coffee break
Poster session 2 (including posters of papers presented in Sessions 4-5-6-7)

15:20 - 17:00

Room A, Session 7
Urban remote sensing in the spectral domain

Room B, Session 7
Urban remote sensing for new frontiers in urban geography

Oral session 1
Monday 30, 10:50 - 12:30

Room A: Urban feature extraction

Chairs: G. Moser, Uni. Genoa, F. Dell'Acqua, Uni. Pavia


Palubinskas Gintautas, Reinartz Peter
Template Based Matching Of Optical And SAR Imagery


De Vecchi Daniele, Harb Mostapha, Iannelli Gianni Cristian, Gamba Paolo, Dell'Acqua Fabio, Queiroz Feitosa Raul
A Feature-Based Approach To Register CBERS CCD And HRC Imagery For Built-Up Area Extraction Purposes


França David, Lotte Rodolfo, Almeida Cláudia, Siani Sacha, Körting Thales, Fonseca Leila, Silva Tadeu
Object-Based Image Analysis For Urban Land Cover Classification In The City Of Campinas - SP, Brazil


Iwaszczuk Dorota, Hoegner Ludwig, Stilla Uwe
Quality-Based Building-Texture Selection From Different Sensors


Wentz Elizabeth, Zhao Qunshan
Assessing Validation Methods For Building Identification And Extraction

Room B: Urban environmental monitoring

Chairs: M. Netzband, Ruhr-Uni. Bochum, J. Li, Uni. Waterloo


Sanfourche Martial, Le Saux Bertrand , Plyer Aurélien, Le Besnerais Guy
Environment Mapping And Interpretation By Drone


Luo Jieqiong, Du Peijun, Alim Samat, Feng Li
Evaluation On The Natural Suitability Of Urban Human Settlements Environment Using Multisource Data


Mitraka Zina, Chrysoulakis Nektarios, Del Frate Fabio, Gastellu-Etchegorry Jean-Philippe
Exploiting Earth Observation Data Products For Mapping Local Climate Zones


Bonafoni Stefania, Anniballe Roberta, Pichierri Manuele
Comparison Between Surface And Canopy Layer Urban Heat Island Using MODIS Data


Dumitru Corneliu Octavian, Cui Shiyong, Datcu Mihai
A Study of Multi-Sensor Satellite Image Indexing

Oral session 2
Monday 30, 13:40 - 15:20

Room A: student paper competition 1

Chairs: P. Gamba, Uni. Pavia and C. Juergens, Uni. Bochum


Shen Huanfeng, Huang Liwen
Relationships Analysis Of Land Surface Temperature With Vegetation Indicators And Impervious Surface Fraction By Fusing Multi-Temporal And Multi-Sensor Remotely Sensed Data


Nazeer Majid, Nichol Janet Elizabeth
Modeling Of Chlorophyll-A Concentration For The Coastal Waters Of Hong Kong


Plowright Andrew, Coops Nicholas, Aven Neal
Evaluating The Health Of Urban Forests Using Airborne Lidar


Voltersen Michael, Berger Christian, Hese Sören, Schmullius Christiane
Expanding An Urban Structure Type Mapping Approach From A Subarea To The Entire City Of Berlin


Mitraka Zina, Del Frate Fabio
Spectral Unmixing Of Urban Landsat Imagery By Means Of Neural Networks

Room B: Interferometric SAR

Chairs: G. Ferraioli, Uni. Naples Parthenope, D. Reale, IREA


Diego Reale, Walter Franzè, Antonio Pauciullo, Francescopaolo Sica, Simona Verde, Gianfranco Fornaro
Detection of Single Scatterers in Multilook SAR Tomography


Gernhardt Stefan, Bamler Richard
Structural Deformation And Non-Seasonal Motion Of Single Buildings In Urban Areas Revealed By PSI


Wang Yuanyuan, Zhu Xiao Xiang
The Robust InSAR Optimization Framework With Application To Monitoring Cities On Volcanoes


Dubois Clémence, Thiele Antje, Welte Amelie, Hinz Stefan
Parameterisation Of Layover Detector For Urban Analysis In InSAR Data


Ambrosino Roberto, Baselice Fabio, Ferraioli Giampaolo, Pascazio Vito, Schirinzi Gilda
A Novel Application Of Kalman Filter: 3D Reconstruction Of Urban Areas From Insar Data

Oral session 3
Monday 30, 16:20 - 18:00

Room A: Student paper competition 2

Chairs: D. Maktav, TU Istanbul and D. Tuia, Uni. Zurich


Krehbiel Cole, Jackson Trisha, Henebry Geoffrey
Using Web-Enabled Landsat Data Time Series To Analyze The Impacts Of Urban Areas On Remotely Sensed Vegetation Dynamics


Ribeiro Bárbara
Mapping Informal Settlements Using Worldview-2 Imagery And C4.5 Decision Tree Classifier


Hasan Sharif, Jansa Josef, Pfeifer Norbert
BRDF-Based Correction Of Colorized Aerial Lidar Point Clouds


Moranduzzo Thomas, Zeggada Abdallah, Melgani Farid
A Fast Screening Method For Detecting Cars In UAV Images Over Urban Areas


Fu Anqi, Li Jonathan, Zhou Menglan, Piraseh Saied
A Comparative Study Of Three Machine Leaning Classifiers For Urban LULC Classification

Room B: Applications of urban remote sensing

Chairs: Bertrand le Saux, ONERA, Q. Zhao, Arizona State University


Gueguen Lionel
Mapping People Distribution At Very High Resolution From Remote Sensing Imagery And A Priori Coarse People Counts


Villa Paolo, Fontanelli Giacomo, Crema Alberto
Integration Of Multi-Seasonal Landsat 8 And TerraSAR-X Data For Urban Mapping: An Assessment


Harb Mostapha, Devecchi Daniele, Dell'Acqua Fabio
An Automatic, Hybrid Method For Built-Up Area Extraction From Landsat 5, 7, And 8 Data Sets


Lefebvre Antoine, Corpetti Thomas
Monitoring Beijing Inner City Transformation From 1966 To 2010


Feng Li
Urban Vegetation Classification Based On Phenology Using HJ-1A/B Time Series Imagery

Oral session 4
Tuesday 31, 11:00 - 12:40

3D and building reconstruction

Chairs: P. Reinartz, DLR


Schmitt Michael
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Urban Areas By Multi-Aspect TomoSAR Data Fusion


Haala Norbert, Rothermel Mathias, Cavegn Stefan
Extracting 3D Urban Models From Oblique Aerial Images


Shahzad Muhammad, Zhu Xiao Xiang
Detection Of Buildings In Spaceborne TomoSAR Point Clouds Via Hybrid Region Growing And Energy Minimization Technique


Fraundorfer Friedrich
Building And Site Reconstruction From Small Scale Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's)


Tian Jiaojiao, Reinartz Peter, Dezert Jean
Building Change Detection In Satellite Stereo Imagery Based On Belief Functions

Room B: Global urban observation and information (SB-04)

Chairs: P. Du, Nanjing Uni., Y. Ban, RIT


Zhang Hongsheng
Feature Selection For Urban Impervious Surfaces Estimation Using Optical And SAR Images


Marinoni Andrea, Gamba Paolo
On The Effect Of Nonlinear Mixing In Hyperspectral Images Of Human Settlements


Alavipanah Sadroddin, Qureshi Salman
Does Vegetation Mitigate The Temperature In Urban Area Or It Follows The Temperature Of Its Surrounding?


Çavur Mahmut, Nabdel Leili, Kemeç Serkan, Düzgün H.Şebnem
An Evaluation Of Land Use Land Cover (LULC) For Urban Applications With QuickBird And WorldView2 Data


Lisini Gianni, Gamba Paolo, Du Peijun
Improved Extraction Of Urban Extents From ASAR Wide Swath Data

Oral session 5
Tuesday 31, 16:00 - 17:40

Room A: Structured prediction in urban remote sensing

Chairs: C. Mallet, IGN, J. D. Wegner, ETH Zurich


Lafarge Florent
Some New Research Directions To Explore In Urban Reconstruction


Poncet-Montanges Arnaud, Moser Gabriele, Taubenboeck Hannes, Wurm Michael, Tuia Devis
Classification Of Urban Structural Types With Multisource Data And Structured Models


Volpi Michele, Ferrari Vittorio
Structured Prediction For Urban Scene Semantic Segmentation With Geographic Context


Cavallaro Gabriele, Dalla Mura Mauro, Benediktsson Jon Atli
Processing High Resolution Images Of Urban Areas With Self-Dual Attribute Filters


Montoya-Zegarra Javier Alexander, Wegner Jan Dirk, Ladický Ľubor, Schindler Konrad
On The Evaluation Of Higher-Order Cliques For Road Network Extraction

Room B: Urban mapping and monitoring

Chairs: T. Rashed, Uni. South California, M. Marconcini, DLR


Marconcini Mattia, Metz Annekatrin, Zeidler Julian, Esch Thomas
Urban Monitoring In Support Of Sustainable Cities


Engstrom Ryan, Sandborn Avery, Yu Qin, Burgdorfer Jason, Stow Douglas, Weeks John, Graesser Jordan
Mapping Slums Using Spatial Features In Accra, Ghana


Stow Douglas, Shih Hsiao-Chien Coulter Llloyd
Identification Of Urbanization In Ghana Based On A Discrete Approach To Analyzing Dense Landsat Image Stacks


Henebry Geoffrey, Zhang Xiaoyang, de Beurs Kirsten, Kimball John, Small Christopher
Change In Our MIDST: Toward Detection And Analysis Of Urban Land Dynamics In North And South America

Oral session 6
Wednesday 1, 11:00 - 12:40

Room A: Monitoring and modelling of urban heat islands

Chairs: B. Bechtel, Uni. Hamburg, I. Keramitsoglou, National Observatory of Athens


Skarbit Nóra, Gál Tamás, Unger János
Airborne Surface Temperature Differences Of The Different Local Climate Zones In The Urban Area Of A Medium Sized City


Sismanidis Panagiotis, Keramitsoglou Iphigenia, Kiranoudis Chris
Diurnal Analysis Of Surface Urban Heat Island Using Spatially Enhanced Satellite Derived LST Data


Zakšek Klemen, Bechtel Benjamin
Source Area Estimation Of Urban Air Temperatures


Alexander Paul, Fealy Rowan, Mills Gerald
Spatial Validation Of An Urban Energy Balance Model Using Multi-Temporal RS Surface Temperature


See Linda, Bechtel Benjamin, Mills Gerald, Ching Jason et al.
Developing A Community-Based Worldwide Urban Morphology And Materials Database (WUDAPT) Using Remote Sensing And Crowdsourcing For Improved Urban Climate Modelling

Room B: SAR, InSAR and DInSAR applications

Chairs: D. Riccio, Uni. Naples Federico II, Uwe Stilla, TUM Munich


Yousif Osama, Ban Yifang
Object-Based Urban Change Detection Using High Resolution SAR Images


Di Martino Gerardo, Di Simone Alessio, Iodice Antonio, Riccio Daniele, Ruello Giuseppe
SAR Shape From Shading In Suburban Areas


Siddique Muhammad Adnan, Hajnsek Irena, Wegmueller Urs, Frey Othmar
Investigating The Combined Use Of Differential SAR Tomography And PSI For Spatio-Temporal Inversion


Wegmüller Urs, Werner Charles
Mitigation Of Thermal Expansion Phase In Persistent Scatterer Interferometry In An Urban Environment


Lazecky Milan, Perissin Daniele, Bakon Matus, Sousa Joaquim J. M. de, Hlavacova Ivana
Potential Of Satellite InSAR Techniques For Monitoring Of Bridge Deformations

Oral session 7
Wednesday 1, 15:20 - 17:00

Room A: Urban remote sensing in the spectral domain

Chairs: Mauro Dalla Mura, INP Grenoble, F. del Frate, Uni. Tor Vergata


Tomaszewska Monika, Henebry Geoffrey M, Kovalskyy Valeriy
MODIS 4 µm Radiance in Global Megacities Depends on Seasonality, Land Cover, and View Zenith Angle


Luo Renbo, Liao Wenzhi, Philips Wilfried, Pi Youguo
An Improved Semi-supervised Local Discriminant Analysis for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Image


Oltra-Carrio Rosa, Briottet Xavier, Bonhomme Marion
Impact of spatial and spectral resolutions on the classification of urban areas


Khodadadzadeh Mahdi, Li Jun, Plaza Antonio, Bioucas-Dias Jose M.
Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Union of Subspaces


Lefebvre Antoine, Picand Pierre-Antoine, Sannier Christophe
Mapping tree cover in European cities: comparison of classification algorithms for an operational production framework

Room B: Urban remote sensing for new frontiers in urban geography

Chairs: M. Wurm, DLR, F. Yamazaki, Chiba University


Aubrecht Christoph, Gunasekera Rashmin, Ishizawa Oscar
The flipside of 'urban': A novel model for built-up-adjusted rural-urban pattern identification and population reallocation


Wurm Michael, Taubenböck Hannes, Goebel Jan, Wagner Gert G.
At the edge of the city center Discrimination of the physical city center by subjective perception and satellite data.


Hofmann Peter, Taubenböck Hannes, Werthmann Christian
Monitoring and Modelling of Informal Settlements - Recent Developments and Challenges


Kuffer Monika, Sliuzas Richard, Pfeffer Karin, Baud Isa
The Utility of the Co-occurrence Matrix to extract Slums from VHR Imagery


Bechtel Benjamin
Recent advances in thermal remote sensing for urban planning and management

Poster session 1
Tuesday 31, 10:00 - 11:00 and 15:00 - 16:00
(also includes all oral papers of sessions 1-2-3)

Chair: M. Volpi, Uni. Edinbugh


Salentinig Andreas, Gamba Paolo
A fuzzy fusion approach for improved urban area detection in multi-resolution SAR data


Kumar Brajesh, Dikshit Onkar
Integrating Spectral and Textural Features for Urban Land Cover Classification with Hyperspectral Data


Tanhuanpää Topi, Kankare Ville, Vastaranta Mikko, Saarinen Ninni, Holopainen Markus, Raisio Juha
Deriving canopy metrics of urban trees from airborne laser scanning data


Liao Wentong, Tang Jun, Rosenhahn Bodo, Yang Micheal Ying
Integration of Gaussian Process and MRF for Hyperspectral Image Classification


Kux Hermann, Meneghetti Graziela
Urban land cover of a coastal town in NE-Brazil using WorldView-2 satellite data, OBIA and Data Mining techniques


Bartoli Olivier, Chahinian Nanée, Allard Aude, Bailly Jean-Stéphane et al.
Manhole cover detection using a geometrical filter on very high resolution aerial and satellite images.


Thirion-Lefevre Laetitia, Guinvarc'h Régis
Low Frequency Radar Signatures of Shadow Areas In Cities


Luoma Ville, Tanhuanpää Topi, Holopainen Markus, Vastaranta Mikko, Saarinen Ninni, Kankare Ville, Hyyppä Juha
Allocating Tree Crown Pruning with ALS-data – A Case Study in the City of Helsinki


Pasquet Jérôme, Desert Thibault, Bartoli Olivier, Chaumont Marc et al.
Detection of manhole covers in high-resolution aerial images of urban areas by combining two methods


Zeng Chuiqing, Bird Stephen, Luce James, Wang Jinfei, Huang Xiaodong
Urban water body detection from the combination of high-resolution optical and SAR images


Schreyer Johannes, Lakes Tobia
TanDEM-X & UAV data for modeling 3D vegetation information in urban areas


Wu Rosen, Yiping Chen
Delineation of Individual Tree Crowns for Mobile Laser Scanning Data


Casanova José Luis, Salvador Pablo, Sanz Julia, Molina Victor et al.
A New Eye for Urban Remote Sensing: Deimos-2


Amitrano Donato, Di Martino Gerardo, Iodice Antonio, Riccio Daniele, Ruello Giuseppe
Urban Areas Enhancement in Multitemporal SAR RGB Images Through a Feedback System


Diallo-Dudek Julita
Land Surface Temperature in the urban area of Lyon metropolis: a comparative study of remote sensing data and MesoNH model simulation


Lefebvre Antoine, Cheval Jérémy
Monitoring urban transformation in the old city of Shanghai and its former foreign settlements from 1985 to 2014


Liu Wen, Suzuki Kentaro, Yamazaki Fumio
Height Estimation for High-rise Buildings based on InSAR Analysis


Aguayo Paula, Li Jonathan, Pirasteh Saied, Mollaee Somayeh
Mapping Solar Energy Potential at Building Scale


Zhu Lingli
Traffic queue length measurement by using combined methods of Photogrammetry and digital image processing


Moser Gabriele, Krylov Vladimir, Michaela De Martino, Serpico Sebastiano
The URBIS Project: Vacant Urban Area Classification and Detection of Changes


Philipp Heinz Conrad
Australian Urban Heat Island investigation based on mono window algorithm by using Landsat 7


Gandor Florian
Three dimensional modelization of aerial elements of the Geneva public transport network using mobile scanning systems


Mao Ting
Fusion of Panchromatic and Multispectral Images for Classification Using the Chinese Restaurant Franchise With Shaped Tables

Poster session 2
Wednesday 1, 10:00 - 11:00 and 14:00 - 15:20
(also includes all oral papers of sessions 4-5-6-7)

Chair: J. Li, Uni. Waterloo


Steinnocher Klaus, Walangitang Daiva, Filipczak Dominik
Earth observation for Low Carbon Action plan development – a concept for EO supported energy planning


Boori Mukesh, Netzband Maik, Voženílek Vít
Urban growth in last three decades in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Tan Kun
Human settlement analysis based on multi-temporal remote sensing data-a case study of Xuzhou, China


Dwivedi Ramji, Varshney Prabal, Tiwari Ashutosh, Narayan Avadh Bihari, Singh Ajai Kumar, Dikshit Onkar
Monitoring of landslides in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India: Validation of PS-InSAR results


Mohd Noor Norzailawati
Sustainable urban Planning mapping using remote sensing and GIS in Malaysia


Lucena Andrews José, Peres Leonardo F., Rotunno Filho Otto, França José Ricardo
Estimation of the urban heat island in the Metropolitan Area of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Pavanelli João, Neves Bruna, Camphora Vanessa, Körting Thales
Remote sensing image processing to identify spatial units of human occupation along Trans-Amazonian Highway (BR-230), Brazil


Rochat Estelle, Duruz Solange, Widmer Ivo et al.
Relationship between land cover type and Body Mass Index in Geneva